Mommy Going Crazy

May 15, 2006

In A Minute

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I feel so productive today!  I have washed all the dishes (left over from yesterday), sorted the laundry, got J-boy to clean his room and it isn't even 8am!!  I hope I haven't peaked too soon.  Currently, First born is at school and Princess Girl is sleeping still.  I put Baby boy down for his morning nap and the J-boy is playing so I have a few mins to drink my morning diet coke and breath.

Baby boy slept well last night.  He needed his binky at 4:45 but he went right out and didn't need a feeding until 6am.  He was in a happy mood playing with Daddy.  Why is it that The Husband feels it is necessary for me to drop everything to come see the happy Baby boy?  If I ask him to come quick, it is always "in a minute"., when I need the minute he goes on, and on about how I missed Baby Boy being so happy.  So this morning I pointed out to him that I am with  Baby Boy all day, feed him and play with him.  He just looked at me like it was a poor excuse but I'm sure he got the point, until next time.

Someone saying "in a minute" is now a pet peeve.  Worse than someone driving horrible or the kids asking for the same thing 30 times.  My husband's definition of a minute is anywhere from 15 mins to never. First Born has picked up the habit. So I  when I ask him to get the dirty clothes out of his room or any other request it always ends in "now!"   He still takes a minute or two to do it but the firm now seems to nudge him into getting the job in a realtively short time.  Do you think The Husband will respond to me saying "now!".  Probably not but if I was in the mood to start a fight that might be the way to do it.


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