Mommy Going Crazy

May 16, 2006

“I was missing math!”

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Today the First Boy had his end of the year teacher conference for first grade.  He is doing great, reading at 2nd grade, mid-year reading level, passed all his 1st grade math requirements etc.  The only thing is he didn't 'pass' was the story re-tell portion of his reading exam.  I know he can re-tell a story, he sure demonstrated that with mid-year testing, he knows he can do it.  Why he didn't do it.. he was mad because he was missing math.  He did the proverbal digging in of the heels and didn't do the task.  I tried explaining to him that he knows he is a smart kid, I know he is a smart kid but if he doesn't take tests right they are going to think he is a dumb kid.  Was I too mean, too direct? 

In Texas they have to pass a standard test  to go onto the forth grade.  What will we do then when our intellegent child just doesn't feel like taking the test fails?  Thank goodness we have two more years to impress upon him how important it is to take tests seriously.  Not because we need to know how smart he is but to show everyone else that he is the man.  I am so scared that he will be turned of from school or stressed about about school because of the testing issues, but I can't let him be held back.  I'm sure it will turn out for the best, I just hope we don't find out too late how it is turning out.


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