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May 22, 2006

Gun Play

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This evening while watching TV Princess Girl walked quietly up to me, said "ptss, ptss" in a whisper and pointed a gun made from Legos.  I was shocked!   She is only two years old and has never been exposed to games with guns or TV with guns.   I think First born taught her, not directly but by example.

I was very bad at  keeping First born from violent video games.  He would quietly sneak behind me and watch me play Doom.  I would kick him out but it was enough to get him hooked.  I call it a fixation on guns and war but everyone says "he is just being a boy"  now that Princess Girl is involved in the gun play, is it  "she is just being a girl"?

I was in Denver during the Columbine shooting, I had a co-work whose daughter injured, another was lucky her daughter was in the parking lot leaving for the dentist, I am scared of guns, even more I am scared of kids with guns.  Am I raising gun toting kids or is it just normal?  I know the kids will have gun play as part of their playtime, but is there a way to curtail it?  I'm afraid baby boy will be building his first Lego gun at 18 months


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  1. I think it is natural for children(boys especially) to play at guns. Cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, etc. have long been popular boy games. It is the nature of males to desire to fight — this is what makes them good hunters and protectors. The trouble with kids like those at Columbine and other places is that they have not had parental involvement in their lives teaching them right from wrong, character and values, and most of all — how to value life–all life. I think you are doing well to limit the amount of violence that your children see (though soon enough they will be faced with the real world and its many cruelties), but do not be alarmed at the play at gun fighting.

    As a tip: We taught our son to only direct his gun play toward the “bad guys” who are always pretend or inanimate objects. We do not allow the pointing of guns (whether Lego or play gun) at real people.

    Comment by moreorless — May 23, 2006 @ 12:23 am |Reply

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