Mommy Going Crazy

May 24, 2006

Hoping Summer Break Won’t Break Me

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I love my children, love being and doing things with them, but for some reason summer break seems so daunting. 

First born will be going to PEP (Plano Enrichment Program) for June.  It is a half day school program and he chose to do an Inventors club and Sports/Games class.  This should help tire him out keep his mind and body extra active for an additional month.

I keep thinking of things we can do, the park, the zoo, the library, the pool.  Then I think about the hot Texas sun and my newborn who isn't going to do good in the heat or the nice cool quiet library but that that  my kids are, well, a bit loud. The exuses keep piling up.

Then I think about my great backyard for the mornings.  I can pretty much watch them from my bedroom (where my computer is set up) or my living room.   That will keep them until lunch.  After lunch we will do "school time" which depending on my energy level and there focus level can last 15 to 30 minutes.  After that, playtime, snack and a movie/cartoons.  This is doable, except they  never stay outside for more then 10 mins.

I need to get around the excuses, so I am writing down my grand plans so I can't "forget" or not just bother, it is written down.  Excuses are just excuses, I can so get around them. If you notice my blog never mentions adventures at the park or anywhere else call me on it.  I'm hoping instead of being a mom this summer maybe move into the realm of a good mom and not let Nick Jr. be the highlight of our summer.  

With help from my mom and the neighbor kids maybe I will survive summer break and have great memories too.

Side note:  It just dawn on my what the last day of school also means, I no longer have a little 1st grader, but now a 2nd grader.   How time flies.


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