Mommy Going Crazy

May 25, 2006


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I am well aware that I have an addictive personality.  On my mother's side of the family 99% of them are addicted to marijuana, alcohol or worse.  Genetically speaking I walk a razor edge.  I think being aware that I can easily be pulled down the dark road of addiction is helpful.  I never smoked, I rarely drink and never did  drugs.  I had one year where I honestly was binge drinking at clubs and parties but then I got married and moved to another state and that was that.  My nuclear family is the 1% of my mom's side of the family that is sober but we have other psychiatric issues and addictions to deal with.

My addiction is the Internet.  I am constantly checking e-mail and blog stats, reading other blogs, playing games or just staring at the screen.  Is this addiction unsafe?  My wrists are killing me so they would say yep, totally unsafe.  I met the husband on-line, that was a good thing.  I love blogs and being able to share ideas and read others, so that's not a negative.  My rear end does go numb because I have to use a kitchen chair, so that's strike two.  Strike Three: my kids don't always get my full attention and take advantage of it.

Many people, including me, substitute face to face communication for online interaction.  Sometimes it is just time to turn it off and go play with your kids.  I am going to declare a computer free day, soon.  Are you addicted too?

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