Mommy Going Crazy

May 25, 2006

Play Date at the Park

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Today we surprised the little ones and took them out for breakfast.  The two oldest boys were hyper and ate half their food, Princess girl looked at her food and Baby boy just sat there looking cute. We managed no major melt downs and I was able to finish eating.

Afterwards the husband had to go to work and I took the kids to the park.  First Born was excited "there are other kids this time!"  He hates not having someone to play with, in fact he gets bored so fast I often wonder why I bother unloading everyone when the park was empty.  This time score, there was a little girl who was more than willing to follow First Born around the park, play tag and pick up interesting things off the ground.  At one point J-boy joined in the fun and played tag.  Princess girl wandered around so proud of herself when she slid down the slide or climbed the dangerous steps.

Unfortunately First Born's little friend had to leave, it took her mother 15 minutes to convince her daughter to go because they were playing so well together.  So, guess what! – We are meeting back at the park tomorrow at 8am. I haven't made any friends since moving to Texas over Christmas I hope this play date has a two fold effect, one the kids get to go to the park and have a friend to play with and two I make friend and have someone to talk too.   I don't know who is more excited me or the kids!


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