Mommy Going Crazy

May 28, 2006

Two split lips, One bloody Nose and a Pervert

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Today we went to the lake.  This morning started out like most mornings when I have plans.  Get the kids up feed them, argue with them to get dressed while I organize everything.  The husband is doing his normal puttering around while my blood pressure goes up.  We left in time.

First stop gas for the van.  It was a low price of $2.69 a gallon.  It is so sad when we are excited that gas is under $3.00.  Then we were off to my parents to drop off baby boy and pick up GP (my dad).   It took GP about 20 minuets to get ready to leave.  He takes longer than me, but I was patient.  I wanted to get to the lake before all the parking was gone.

We got to the lake and parked, slightly illegally but so were the four other cars.  We got a great spot on the beach.  First born and Princess girl, wants to go in the water, J-boy wants lunch, I want lunch since in all the organizing I didn't eat.   So I passed out sandwich grabbed mine and walked First born and Princess girl to the water.  Where somehow I got sand in my sandwich, the irony not entirely lost on me.

 Things were going great.  Princess girl was playing in the sand and calling for help when her feet got buried in the sand. I taught her that game, inadvertently, as I buried my own feet and asked her to get me out.  She caught on quickly and started buring her feet.  It was way cute.

The two boys were digging a hole in the sand.  Next thing I know it J-boy is crying.  He as blood spilling from his nose and mouth.  He tripped over a hole in the sand.  The same hole he tripped over a few times but this last time was the kicker.  I washed him up but blood still trickled from his nose, but he was happy so I let him go.

Time to go, we bribed Princess girl to leave the water by telling her it was time to go to the playground, which was conveniently locked on the way back to the car.  We, meaning I, cleaned up the mess as the kids played at the playground.  Then, Hannah started crying. She fell and split her lip open.  She thought it was funny as I was pouring water from a water bottle to clean the cut and wash off the blood.

(keeping count, we had two split lips and one bloody nose so far…)

The pervert… my dad, well sort of.  We were gathering stuff up while dad watched the kids play.  The state police came up to me and asked if we knew that guy we were talking too and I said no.  I was thinking it was the couple we were chatting to about my tattoo and the fact they come to the lake every weekend.  He said OK, and then clarified that it was the guy with all the camera stuff.  I said  "Oh, no he's my dad, he's just taking pictures of his grandkids, he's not a pervert".  He chuckled and said he just wanted to be sure.  Ironic part when we got the CD with all the a pictures, there was picture of a pretty girl on it … maybe I was wrong. 🙂  


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