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May 31, 2006

Potty Training- Not my strong point

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You would think since Princess girl is my third child to be potty trained that I would be an old hand at it.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.

First born was potty trained in day care, J-boy started training  in preschool and my mother-in-law completed the task.  Now, it is Princess girl's turn, since she won't be in daycare/preschool and a trip to England to have my mother-in-law help is a wee bit excessive, it is all up to me.

6 months ago I started working with Princess girl.  Everything had to stop when we moved and stop again when baby boy was born. So this week I am dedicating everything to work on getting Pricness girl to sit on the throne to do her business.  

Princess girl needs a lot of incentives to even sit down on the potty.  To get her onto the potty I have selection of books as a lure.  When that doesn't work I have her take her dolly to the potty and they take turns.   Then when she does the deed she gets a cookie.   She has been going au natural for the last two days so tomorrow the Dora panties come out,  hopefully they will stay dry all day.  At the very least #2's will stay out of my carpet!! 

So far the potty is winning:


Day 1:   On the floor   1

            On the potty 2

Day 2:  On the floor   1

            On the potty 2


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