Mommy Going Crazy

June 4, 2006

Perfect Spouses

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I have noticed in all the blogs I read why do they never talk about the negative things in their marriage?  There doesn't seem to be anyone who complains about their spouse not helping out around the house or pulling their own weight with the kids.  Either everyone's marriage is perfect or they just don't want to talk about the fight over who gets to clean out the dishwasher next.

I have come up with two plausible theories of why the blogs I read don't talk about the negative events in their marriage:

1.  Bloggers are too mature to steep as low as airing their marriage dirty laundry in their blogs.

2.  Bloggers are just too chicken because they know their significant other is going to read their blog so they don't want to start a new fight.

Which of the above do I fit in?  Neither… the Husband is perfect in all ways.. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

Note to The Husband, don't read the next bit. 

Anyone have suggestions of a good blog that share with how to deal with their imperfect spouses?  Share, please. 😉


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