Mommy Going Crazy

June 6, 2006

4 + 2 = What was I thinking!!

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This morning started out with me dropping the First Born at PEP, then heading over to the park.   J-boy and Princess Girl played for almost 2 hours!!  Our park friends were there from the other week.  They brought their bikes so tomorrow we'll bring J-boy's bike, maybe he will learn how to ride it!  We headed home with no tantrum!!  I guess Princess girl thought she had her fair share of time today. 

We ate lunch, watched a little TV, colored for about an hour.  Then we spent the prerequisite half hour wrestling to get cleaned up to go get the First born.  J-boy displayed a new understanding of the English language as he saw that we were pulling into the parking lot of the school "Damn it, I wanted to go to the library"  Oops!  Where did he get that from??

The bus was late so we go home to quickly feed the First born so we can go to the library.  As we pull up to the curb the neighbors are unloading there two children. So, being a good neighbor I ask if their kids would like to go to the library.  We get home and hang out until dinner and life is calm again

So we all piled into the van, 6 kids and 1 little old me.  We get the library a half hour before that day's summer program starts for the older three kids.  The Plano library has a lots of fun stuff for the elementary kids this summer, we are taking advantage as much as possible.

OK, we walk in, sign in and they all take off.  I'm… don't run, wait, OK Big-J you can go to the older kids. Ugh!  I am trying to keep all 6 kids in eye sight, sweat dripping down my face.  The thee oldest go into look at the animals and I only have 3.  OK, should be easier, nope!  Baby boy needs to eat, Princess girl needs her pull ups changed  and J-boy is using the step stool to stand on, as he uses puzzle pieces to "fix" the window. I'm starting to sweat again just thinking about it! 

So, the show is over, I get the kids to the door and we can't use the handicap ramp because some idiot tied his really big dog on the hand rail.  This guy didn't respond to the pages so just as the librarian was going to help me carry the stroller down the stairs he comes out and moves his dog, no apology, of course.

Next week, yep you guessed it, I'm going to do it all again.


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