Mommy Going Crazy

June 8, 2006

Level Red Alert

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I heared on the radio that today was a Red Level Ozone day.  Uh? What the heck is that?  Well, I did a little research and found out the air quality in the Metroplex (Dallas/Ft. Worth) area is crappy.

I never thought to research air quality when we decided to move here.  Everywhere I lived had issues in the winter with air quality. When the air was stagnant they would ban using chimneys or wood stoves unless it was their only source heat, otherwise it was 'safe' to go outside.

So, as parents at the park were talking about the alert and how they shouldn't stay long because the air is so bad,  I'm thinking great, I don't have Princess girl's inhaler (she has small airways so sometimes she needs help when her allergies kick in or has a cold) and Baby boy is a little small to be sucking up bad air. Not to mention J-boy and myself.  Luckily, when I checked the news it was still Green, which is totally healthy, at least for now.

So now the check list for outdoor play is: sunscreen, water, hats and is the air safe enough be outside.  How far are we from living in a Sci-fi world where everyone has to wear special suits to go outside and the park is enclosed in a dome?  I fear it won't be that long.


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