Mommy Going Crazy

June 11, 2006

Sunday Morning Lay In

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Traditionally The Husband and I take turns laying in.  He gets Saturday I get Sunday.  Usually I don't get to sleep in and he usually gets a half ass effort of mine to let him sleep in.  It's an ongoing argument really.  Here is how my lay in worked today:

5:50 – Baby boy cries

6:00 – I get up and feed, burp and change.  Luckily he went back to sleep by 6:15 and so was I.

6:20 – TV turns on full blast.  J-boy is awake but happy with Sponge Bob

6:45 – J-boy starts to scream, Big Brother changed the channel, I tell them to put it back to 170.  I hear Fairy Odd Parents and the fight stops.

7:30 – "Mom! Can I have toaster strudel?!?"  yells First Born in my ear.  As I catch my breath I tell him "No, just like I told you yesterday, we don't have any.  There is cinnamon raisin bread." First born scampers off to make a mess breakfast.

7:45 – Princess girl is yelling to get out of her room, First born goes to free her and she yells at him then slams the door shut.

7:55 – Repeat of above.

8:07 – I ask The Husband to get up and help with Princess girl. "Yeah, I'll get up in 5 mins"

8:30 – Princess girl comes in to my bedroom, she let First Born let her out.  The husband gets up.  I fall asleep.

9:00 – The husband says it's 9:00

9:05 – I"m out of bed.

So restful, really…


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