Mommy Going Crazy

June 12, 2006

Popcorn Anyone?

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Yesterday I took J-boy to see Over the HedgeHe really liked it.  How could I tell? He stopped climbing up and down the stairs to watch parts.   J-boy does not really sit through movies.  He plays through the movie.  Unfortunately it can be very distracting to the others in the theater.  Lucky for us it was near empty!

I’m so envious of my girlfriend who talks about taking the whole family to a movie.  We haven’t tried it since our disastrous attempt when Princess Girl was only 6 months old.  I think the movie was Rugrats Go Wild, but since The Husband and I were taking turns taking J-boy out of the theater I can’t be sure.  In fact, The Husband missed the last quarter of the movie because he had to take J-boy to the car.

I feel bad for Princess Girl, she hasn’t gone to the movie theater for her official first movie yet.  I want her first experience to be a family thing.  I know I’m a chicken but I don’t want a repeat of that last time we went out.

We’ll see how J-boy does going to go see Cars with Bunkie.  If he survives a two hour movie without a movie goer throwing popcorn at him maybe we will try again.


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