Mommy Going Crazy

June 14, 2006

Park Friends

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Since we moved to Plano I actually enjoy taking the kids to the park.  The park we found is shaded in the morning and always has kids for them to play with.  As an added bonus there are always mommies there for me to talk to.

I don't know if it’s because we are in the south now, or I found the right park but striking up conversations with mothers watching their kids is a lot easier.  In
Washington I only went to the park as a play date with First Born’s friends.  If we went alone I would get bored quickly and we would leave in less than a half hour.  The moms that were there usually had friends with them so having a conversation with another mom wasn’t possible. 

It is fun to watch J-boy and Princess Girl interact with the other kids.   I see them trying to make friends. In fact they have made friends.  We have a standing play date with our Park Friends in the mornings.

We now spend an average of an hour at the park and take J-boy’s bike with us.  An hour seems to be the 'right" time.  After about an hour Princes Girl is tugging on me wanting to be held or Baby Boy is ready to eat.  J-boy is the only one still playing but he really listens to me when I say it is time to go.  The park is definitely becoming an almost daily addition to our routine.  It is a win, win situation; Mommy gets some grown-up time and the kiddos get some hard core play time with kids their age. 


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