Mommy Going Crazy

June 20, 2006

Turning Frustration to Joy

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I have been so frustrated lately.  One example of my frustrations is because of Baby Boy.  Every time I feed Baby Boy he spits up A LOT, as in I have to change my clothes because of it.   Today I remembered to cover myself with a receiving blanket and was able to catch the mess.  I looked at his face as I was cleaning up the dribbles and he had the cutest little smile.  The smile made me forget about all the times I’ve had to change my clothes or his clothes and I felt joy, the joy of being a mommy.

This has got me thinking.  Right now there is more frustration in my life then joy. It has become a problem.  I seem to yell at the kids more then talk or play with them.  This can’t go on.  I need to find out how else can I turn frustrating moments into moments of joy.   So as I’m putting J-boy to bed for the millionth time or arguing with First Born over cleaning his room I’ll be looking for that smile, for that look that brings joy to my heart and lessen the frustration that I am feeling.  Hopefully this will help bring more joy into my life and repair any damage my frustration has put on my relationship with the kiddos and The Husband. 

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