Mommy Going Crazy

June 28, 2006

Please don’t go!!

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I love my neighbors!  I have great neighbors. My neighbors are friendly and have kids. Neighbor girl and First Born are in the same grade and play together all the time.  I mean all the time.  She comes over in the evenings to read with First Born.   Well, they read for 10 minutes then break out the Pokemon cards, but hey they are “quiet”.  This last Sunday she spent three hours playing at our house then switched and played three hours at their house.  Oh, there is also Big J-boy, the neighbor boy.  He is 9 but plays well with J-boy who thinks he is the greatest, mostly because they share the same first name.  It’s a match made in heaven and it’s making the summer time fly.

There is one big, big problem; they are going on vacation next week.  So, I ask, how long y’all (my best
Texas accent) going to be gone. The answer:  for a week but (no not but!!)  Neighbor Girl and possibly Big J-boy are going to their grandmas for the rest of the month.  Now what am I going to do? Ahhhh!


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