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July 31, 2006

Phew, No One Drowned

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Sunday was the big summer finale activity, we went to Hurricane Harbor.  We left Baby Boy and Princess Girl with Bunkie.  Bunkie was originally just going to keep Baby Boy but when she volunteered to keep Princess Girl we agreed.  Even though Princess Girl did not know she was missing all the fun I felt a little guilty about leaving her behind.  After the near drowning incidences at the pool the other day it was the best decision.

First Born had stayed the night with Uncle Joey, J-boy had stayed the night with Bunkie so The Husband and I were well rested for the day.  Actually, we weren’t well rested.  We had spent Saturday night catching up on all the things we had recorded on the DVR but we had good intentions of going to bed before 10.  I guess midnight isn’t that far off right? 

We picked up J-boy, dropped off the youngest two and headed out.  It is about a 30 minute drive from Bunkie’s house to the park.  J-boy amused himself with the ‘raise your hand game’.  I will ask “who has brown eyes?” and whoever has brown eyes raises their hands.  J-boy actually insisted on asking questions.  The drive went by quick and we got to the park 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet the rest of our party.

We meet up with Auntie J, Uncle Ed, Uncle Joey and First Born in the parking lot.  Water shoes on, sunscreen applied; we headed into the park.  I think the first half hour was spent on getting a locker and getting rid of all of our stuff.

After splashing in a pool we split up, Aunt and Uncles to the slides The Husband, the kiddos and myself to the lazy river.  We love the lazy river.  Not the kiddos, but The Husband and I.  I got lucky though I carried J-boy who just snuggled up and chatted with me as we walked/floated around.  First Born, as I found out when it was my turn, clings on for dear life.   After we went around once we figured we tortured them had enough and headed to Hooks Cove.

I HATED Hooks Cove.  The kiddos took off.  I lost track of First Born as I was chasing J-boy.  I kicked myself several times for telling The Husband “I can handle it, go back to the locker for more sunscreen”.  When The Husband caught up with us we found the kiddos and told them that they had to stick together as they played.  That helped but I was glad when we decided to go to the wave pool.

The wave pool was a hit with the kiddos.  They were karate chopping the waves and kicking them.  They didn’t want to leave but we wanted them to try one slide ride.

By this time the Auntie and Uncles were back with us so we headed for a slide.   This one had a boat and three of us could ride together.  The Husband bowed out and went back to the lazy river.  The kiddos were nervous, I was too.  It was our turn and I was sending J-boy in first with Auntie JJ and Uncle Ed.  J-boy started to freak but Uncle Ed’s a big guy and sat down in the boat and held him close.  Then we got in with First Born. As we went down First Born was a bit mad at me “You lied to me, you said it wasn’t fast”  I really didn’t know it was that fast but I think he didn’t talk to me for at leat a whole 5 minutes after the ride.  He also didn’t eat lunch either, so I think the ride was not one of my best ideas. It wasn’t a surprise that neither kiddo wanted to go down another slide.

Anyway, we spent more time in the wave pool and the lazy river.  As we were leaving First Born asked to go on the lazy river one more time.  We all looked at him like he grew another head.  He complained every time we went around.  I said “I thought you hated it? He just said “I changed my mind”.  Go figure.

A little sunburn, a lot of pool wrestling and wave crashing and not a single one of us came close to drowning.  Another successful outing.


July 29, 2006

New Job Description: Bowling Coach

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First Born and The Husband are joining a bowling league in the fall.  The catch, no bumpers.  First Born cannot hold the ball with one hand.  For those of you who don’t bowl it basically means he can’t swing the ball back all the way and you usually rotate the ball right into the gutter.  His highest score without bumpers is 34.  He is having a blast at the moment but if he doesnt improve he might get frustrated and stop having fun.  So to help him gain confidence and strength we have been coaching him.

For the last two weekends we took him bowling.  He is actually taking our advice and trying really hard.  Yeah, I’m shocked, it isn’t like he listens at home or anything. We are only having him bowl two games.  It is so easy to tire out that skinny little arm of his.  Plus, he bounces around so much that he makes us tired just looking at him.

In addition to practice sessions I think we are going to have to add ‘strength’ training.  One thing he can do is use a can of vegetables and swing his arm back and forth as if he is throwing a ball.  To work on the forearm he can bend his wrist, without weight.  I think we should probably have him work both arms or he is going to be lopsided.  I just have an image of his right arm dragging on the floor because of huge muscles. 🙂

The key is to balance the fun factor with the frustration.  Frustration is normal when learning something new; First Born has to learn this.  Though if he isn’t having fun then what will be the point.  After this practice session he was in a really good mood. So far so good!

July 28, 2006

I am good!

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In a previous post I promised to put my blogroll up so people can read some great and funny blogs.  I promsied to have it done by September, look it’s only July and I put up the blogroll. <pats herself on the pack a few times> I found out that I could just import them.  I even figured out how to do it without The Husband’s help.  I also eventually was able to add the Flickr link and have it point to my pictures.  I guess I am getting the hang of things.  Please check out my new and improved sidebar!

To Nap or Not To Nap

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Princess Girl is deeply entrenched in the terrible twos.  To compound it she does not nap, when she does not nap she is grumpy, whiney and mean.  If I do get her to nap she will not go to bed at night.  Which in turn makes her grumpy, whiney and mean the next day.  Therefore I put her in her room to either nap or not nap but either way she has a break from us and us from her.  She plays with her dolls and sometimes falls asleep.  When she comes out of her room she still is grumpy and whiney but not so mean.   I cannot wait until she is in the tiresome threes… really.   I think I will go back and read about how much I do love her before I let her out of her room.


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Yesterday was playgroup at my house.  This was the first time all nine kids, 8 of them boys, were together.  The kids ages ranged from 7 down to 5 months.  It was loud but the kids had fun.  We had two incidents that tested our diplomatic skills.

The mommies were in the living room chatting while the kids played in the playroom.  I heard J-boy crying so I went in to investigate.  An older child (6 years old) had taken away the blue Lego car from J-boy. I asked the older child to give it back he said no.  I offered him the green Duplo car.  I told him it wasn’t nice to take toys away from other kids.  He told me “I’m on the blue team so I need to blue car” I said “Fair enough, you can put blue blocks on this other car.”  He looked at me like I was an idiot. 

At this point I had three options: 1. take the car away, causing a scene 2. get his mom 3. console J-boy by giving him the Duplo car and a big hug.  I chose the third option.  I know it was fair to J-boy but the child is a guest in our house and doesn’t play by our rules. Was it the easiest choice, you bettcha but J-boy seemed to be OK about it.  I thought the issue closed. 

Ten minutes later we heard J-boy was sobbing.  All the parents went in this time.  Apparently the older child had stopped playing with the car so J-boy went and grabbed it.  When the older child spotted J-boy with the car he took it away.   The older child’s mom was trying to get him to give the car back to J-boy when First Born stepped in and gave J-boy the yellow Lego car.  First Born showed great initiative in solving the problem without an adult.  J-boy and the older boy were happy and the rest of the play date was incident free.

Next week we are at the older kids house.  I think it will be very interesting.  Maybe First Born will have another chance to show his diplomatic talents. 

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