Mommy Going Crazy

July 2, 2006

It’s Not a Mommy Job Anymore

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Somehow, someway it became my job to put all the toys together.  I’m the one staying up and putting together the toys that Santa brought. Whenever the kiddos get a put together thing like Bionicles, exersaucers or babydoll cribs I supply the manual labor to put them together.   It is a hard job but a part of me does enjoy it.  The part that doesn’t enjoy it is because pieces are missing because someone opened the box and played with the pieces so things are missing.  I cringe just thinking about it.

Yesterday, something changed, First Born learned a valuable skill; how to put Bionicle play sets together. I had spent hours building the set he got for his birthday but left one tower undone because I ran out of time.  He asked if he could put it together.  I usually say no because when you let the kiddos do it they open all the packets and it gets really, really hard trying to find stuff from bag 6 when they opened up bag 1, 3 and 5 too.  However, since it was the last bag and I had showed him a few tricks the other day, I thought why not.He comes to me an hour or so later with a big grin on his face. Come see!!  I walk in his room and he not only has the tower built but he fixed all the other pieces that J-boy and Princess Girl had manage to break apart.  I was ecstatic not to mention proud, it is a 9 year plus toy!! 


My fingers are still cramping from putting together the damn cool toy.  I hope this is a trend for things to come!

PS I finally figured out a way to make the pictures clickable so you can actually see the picture.

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