Mommy Going Crazy

July 3, 2006

What did you get into this time?

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It surprises me what my kiddos get into and how big of a mess they can make of it.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh or at the very least admire their ingenuity.  Some things on my list are the usual suspects and caused no permanent damage, well except the paint on the walls needs touching up.  Oh, and the playroom carpet is toast.

Toothpaste: Somehow always makes it on the floor, not on the brush or in the mouth

Toilet Paper:  All over the house, or my favorite an entire roll in the toilet

Tums:  Down the toilet

Poop: Bedroom walls, hair, ok enough details

Chewing Gum: banned from the house

Diet Coke:  Mommy’s back being turned is a cue to sneak a sip and then dump it on the floor

Water/Ice: Everywhere!!  Why did I get a water and ice dispenser in the frig door?

Printer Paper:  Never in the printer if the kiddos can help it.

Paper Towels:  Should I really roll it back up and still use it?

Computer:  Always save, save, save, save everything you are working on.

Garage: This was a bad one, J-boy climbed up to “help” me by opening the garage and fell breaking his thumb.  He was in a cast for three weeks.  A very low moment in my Mommyhood.  J-boy thought his cast was cool, thank goodness they are so resilient.

J-boy cast

Soap: Any kind, anywhere.

Crayons/Makers: Ooh, so pretty on the window, walls, toys.

Shampoo: We still can’t find the damn bottle.

Water Spigot:  Until I can figure out how to lock the spigot in the back yard is a no playing zone, any ideas? (Not being a meany but we have water restrictions and I can get fined for wasting water during the drought –sucks big time)

Daddies Office:  So much fun, it’s like

Syrup:  In the carpet, a few toys…at least this one smells good. 

That’s all that I can think of.  Some day someone is going to design child locks that work on children above age 3 or a toilet paper roll that only allows 4 sheets dispensed at a time, or traps that just give a little jolt of electricity when they start touching something that is on the forbidden list (ok, that last one is probably a little illegal, inhumane and a bit over kill – just brainstorming here.)


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