Mommy Going Crazy

July 4, 2006

Fourth of July Family Fun

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Right now it is raining cats and dogs with loud booming thunder and flashing lightening; a normal Texas rainstorm.  It’s a good thing we had our family time this afternoon. 

First Born went to The Husband and asked him if we could have family time together (with just a wee bit coaxing on my part).  To our joy he came up with a great family outing.  We went to CiCi’s pizza (all you can eat pizza) and then bowling.  After a half hour of getting ready, feeding Baby boy we were ready.

CiCi’s went as usual; taking turns getting pizza, kids running around the table and eating too much.  What more could you ask for?

Bowling was well, a little crazy.  It was Princess Girl’s first time bowling instead of just being a spectator.  She was a bundle of joy the whole time.  First Born got two spares which made his day.  J-boy was so wild he had to leave early.  After the 20th time of telling him not to climbing on the ball return, table or crawling on the lanes he was sent to the car.  Wow, J-boy can throw tantrum to rival a baseball manager.  He only had two frames left but sometimes you have to put your foot down and actually follow through on the “if you don’t settle down, we will take you to the car!”

I totally spaced it and forgot to print out the game.  First Born was bummed, he won but only by 4 pins, Princess Girl was second. J-boy, well, he was disqualified for naughty behavior.

Here are few happy memories from the game:


J-Boy knocks them down Score? Yippee!


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