Mommy Going Crazy

July 5, 2006

Solid Food

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Teaching a baby to eat solid food isn’t as easy as most parents thinks it is going to be.  It is a much anticipated event but usually doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. Baby doesn’t always like to cooperate and just shoves it back out with his tongue.  It can be disappointing and down right upsetting.  This has been my experience with my first three kiddos.  This was my mind set last night, don’t expect much from Baby Boy when I feed him his cereal.

Baby Boy is a big boy; 16lbs at 4 months so the Doctor said feed him solids when you want to.  So I figured to try him last night and expected to put the box of rice cereal back in cabinet for a week. As I fed Baby boy his first spoonfuls of rice cereal I waited for the forward tongue thrust, there was none.  Not expecting much I kept giving  him spoonfuls.  To my amazement he smiled, kept it in his mouth and ate it.  That was it.  A little mess, some finger sucking but the first solids actually were ingested on his first introduction.  I guess the smacking of lips and giggle whenever The Husband put food in his mouth were signs that he was ready for more then just formula.



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