Mommy Going Crazy

July 6, 2006

Birth Order

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My little sister, Auntie JJ, has issues, a lot of issues. Whenever she makes an irresponsible choice it really gets me thinking about birth order.  I’m the oldest; she’s the youngest of 3.  By her age I was married with one child.  I never let the important things slide, like, car insurance, health insurance, a job.  JJ, on the other hand, sees the above as being optional.

At one point she was driving her Jeep uninsured and I refused to let First Born ride with her. I felt bad and it was hard to explain to First Born about it. I told him the truth and he seemed to understand and didn’t hold it against Auntie JJ or myself.   I even volunteered to drive him out to her place to spend the night.  She lives 45 minutes away and that is in good traffic.

Once she had insurance I found out that her inspection and registration tags had expired.  So again, First Born or J-boy couldn’t go places in her car.  With her luck, she would be pulled over for it, not a teachable moment that I want to deal with. 

Now she has to go to jail because of the multiple traffic tickets she has gotten. She doesn’t have enough money to pay for them so she is voluntarily going to jail. When we (The Husband, Bunkie) talk about it I do not want the kiddos to hear about it because I think it is a major concept to teach a young child. Their idea about jail is bad people go there, which is true. Is Auntie JJ bad?  No, just irresponsible.  I think the kiddos are still too young to split hairs with about what kind of people go to jail.

I won’t even start on how many jobs she has been fired from.  I’ve lost count anyway.

Needless to say Auntie JJ will not be teaching the kiddos to drive or teach them about being responsible any time soon. I wonder how birth order will affect my kiddo’s futures?


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