Mommy Going Crazy

July 7, 2006

Red Scare

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This morning I rolled over in bed and saw that First Born had joined us sometime in the night.  As I started to close my eyes I noticed something wasn’t right with his back.  He had 3 red splotches along the top of his back.  They were all in a row so I thought they were spider bites.  As I woke The Husband to get him to turn on his light I noticed more red, wet this time on his arm.  Now I was worried.  Did he have a bloody nose?  The Husband seemed to take forever to turn on his lamp.  He noticed the other arm had more red on it, more “blood”.  We checked him out and nothing looked like it was bleeding and there was nothing on the bed sheets. 

My mind suddenly remembered the red ball point pin Bunkie gave First Born for being good.  The one I had put in the top of the closet in First Born’s room. I was pretty sure that was what it was so I sent him in search of the pin.  He comes in holding it, defending himself : “I had the lid on!”  At this point I was relieved and questioned him on the status of his sheets, no ink on them.

The pin is now in the trash and First Born will be red for a few days.  Later on he told me that he used a hanger to pull the pin off the closet shelf. He was so proud of himself it was hard not to smile.

The bed sheet did have an ink spot as First Born discovered while I was posting this blog.  It’s the size of baseball and soaked all the way through to the mattress.  It’s a good thing that the sheets are really dark.  A good washing should fade the spot and  it shouldn’t stand out too much.

First Born Red Inked


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