Mommy Going Crazy

July 11, 2006

I will get it all done!

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I invited the park friends over for lunch.  I’m going to start teaching her kids little history lessons and she is going to work on First Born’s retelling skills.  I’m a former teacher thinking about going back into the profession and T. is going to start student teaching in the fall.  This way both get practice, the kids learn stuff and have a play date. This is going to be great!

One teeny, weenie, problem I now have to really clean the house.  You know what I mean!! It is the not just sweep the floor cleaning, but sweep AND mop the floor cleaning.  Not just wipe down the bathroom cleaning but get the bleach out and scourer cleaning. Not just the pretend that I can’t see the toys under the couch cleaning.  All this and The Husband is in Austin Houston and I am exhausted.  What was I thinking!

So tonight I have been finding new blogs to read, doing this blog entry, played some online poker- lost 2 grand (play money, sheesh!), started my application for the Plano School District and I’m trying I’m trying to think up something else besides cleaning to do next.  No, I don’t procrastinate; I’m just waiting for the right moment.  Oh, though I did clean the bathroom already. Go me!

Playroom Hell

The playroom is First Born’s big chore. He really hates it – but he does get paid for it! It looks worse then it is, mostly blocks, I took 60% of their toys away and put them in the garage (they don’t miss them at all), but alas that is a topic for another blog.  Ironic thing: my camera lense seems to have been dirty when I took this picture. Go Figure


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