Mommy Going Crazy

July 11, 2006

TV Parenting

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I once left the front door open and Princess Girl escaped and wandered down the street.  I was lucky, a woman stopped her from getting into traffic as I came running down the street screaming hysterically.  The woman turned out to be quite a bitch about it but I won’t dwell.  Sometimes I wonder if I get my parenting techniques from cartoon characters, then I think again.  At least I have learned from my mistakes. Let’s explore some interesting cartoon parenting styles:

  • Dora the Explorer:  How can her parents let her just wander around the jungle like that?  She gets so lost she even needs the map to find her way home.
  • Fairly Odd Parents: Even on my most unobservant days I think I would notice how evil Vicky the babysitter is.  Though I would probably miss some of the wishing, eventually I would clue in.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Umm, how many times can Jimmy almost destroy the city before they will finally take his lab away?
  • Max and Ruby:  Do they even have parents? Grandma does seem to know what she is doing.  Is it just me or is Ruby really annoying?
  • Go Diego Go: Well at least he has his big sister along for the ride sometimes.
  • Rugrats:  With eight adults ‘watching’ the kids you would think they would have figured out that Tommy can open the gate?

Maybe I’m not that bad of a mom after all.  Just don’t get me started on sitcom parents; they are soooo perfect it is sickening!


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