Mommy Going Crazy

July 13, 2006

Busy and Sleepy

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This week I have been so busy.  Monday we went to the mall play area and found out it was closed for cleaning, how rude!  So we went to McDonalds instead.  Tuesday we went to the park.  Wednesday we had the park friends over then went to the library for a magic show.  Today we have two play dates, one at the park and one here.  Thank goodness the house is still semi-clean from yesterday’s play date.   Tomorrow I’m might be volunteering at the Mom’s Club membership drive or at the very least the kids will go to the library and make cards for sick kids.   It doesn’t see much to some of you guys but for us it is a full schedule. 

It doesn’t help that I have hardly slept. I’m at the point of dropping dead of exhaustion.  It is not the kids; they have been doing well at night.  I just can’t sleep.  I started anti-depression medication so it could be that or the heat or just plain old insomnia, I don’t know.  So I am trudging through this week, is it Saturday yet? 

This lack of sleep is actually messing with my mind.  Last week I was an hour late to my first Mom’s Club meeting.  I read the e-mail wrong and saw the end time at the start. Luckily the meeting ended late and I was able to turn in my enrolment papers.   

Yesterday we were in the library and First Born was rough housing and I said “Settle down there is no rough housing at the zoo!” which just got him more excited.  I lost J-boy several times when he was sitting in the same spot reading with a teen volunteer. 

Today, I was 15 minutes late to my first Mom’s Club play date because I read the directions wrong.  I had to call The Husband to get directions.  On the way home from the play date a pick up truck started rolling back towards my van and I just watched it roll until I finally hocked the horn just in time to avoid a collision.

If this sleep deprivation doesn’t end I fear hallucinating is next.  Oh, look, a 5 foot purple bunny…


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