Mommy Going Crazy

July 16, 2006

A New Year

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First Born turned 7 just a few weeks ago.  So far age 7 is looking like it is going to be a really tough year if the last couple of days are any indication.  First Born is testing boundaries right and left.  He is trying to set conditions for when he is older.  He tells me I can’t tell him no when he wants to play on the computer when he is older.  He tells me I can’t tell him no if he buys his own game and wants to play it.  The list goes on and one. It got the point that I yelled (I know bad, bad mommy) “I can tell you NO whenever I want.  I does not mater how old you are or if you bought it, if I say no, it will mean no, no no!”  You get the picture. 

Part of the problem is I am giving him more freedoms.  Seven is that age that you start letting them do stuff for themselves. If he wants water I told him he can go get water he doesn’t have to ask.  The other day he asked if he can watch Digimon I told him if no one is watching TV then he can put it on.  Now that I am giving him freedom it is only natural that he wants more freedom.  It really is a never ending cycle. 

Age 7 has also brought upon the age of “do I have to?”  He throws a fit because I wanted him to go the library with me.  “Do I have to go the library, Dad’s home, I can stay here” I made him come and he had a blast.  I’m sure he will be arguing about going someplace sometime soon. 

Though, I must admit the independence is refreshing.  He is earning allowance and saving it for a Nintendo DS.  I don’t have to worry if he is getting into stuff when he wakes up before me.  He helps me with Baby Boy when my hands are full.  I can count on him in a lot of situations, usually with whining, but he does help out a lot. 

We will make our way through the realignment of boundaries and come through relatively unscathed.  I just need to step back and decide when to fight the battle or give ground.  I know I will just have to give him a little more room so he can grow.   

I feel as if adolescence is just around the corner.  Heaven help me!


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