Mommy Going Crazy

July 17, 2006

Too Much to Ask of Me

Filed under: baby,nutrition,Rant — by mommygoingcrazy @ 2:41 pm

DSCF0700 The makers of Similac are messing with my mind.  I was in Wal-Mart early this morning, 6:30 to be precise, grabbing a few things before The Husband went to work.  I was looking up and down the formula isle, trying to find J-boy’s formula. I could not believe that they were out.  As I was grabbing some ready made, I glanced up and saw the “new look” of Similac Advance.  How was I supposed to know they changed the can!   Really, what was wrong with the old conatiner. It was simple, white with blue and gold lettering.  Do they not know that mommies are creatures of habit and when we are half asleep reading can be a lot to ask of us!

The effect of searching for the formula has messed with me all day. When I put the camera’s memory card into the computer so I could share with you the offensive new design, I put the card in the floppy drive.   Big mistake!  I had to use some cardboard to pull out the card.  Then when I stood up I hit my head on the keyboard tray. Ouch!  I guess I just can’t handle change.


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