Mommy Going Crazy

July 20, 2006

Just Chatting

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Here are few conversations I’ve had in my head, in essay form…

Housework:  OK, so I hate housework.  I like a clean house but I don’t like doing the work to get it that way.  The only time I clean the house is when I’m ovulating (don’t know why I nest every fringing month) or when we are having company otherwise I only just straighten up.  I do clean the kitchen because you  just don’t have choice, you need those dishes everyday.  Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda writes a hilarious and accurate description of keeping house with kids around.

Tubal Ligation: We are done having kids, four is enough.  The Husband was willing to get me that Toyota Sienna I’ve been drooling over if I would consider a number five; after a moments hesitation I said, nope I’m done.  So when Baby Boy was done by an unplanned C-section I got my tubes tied.  I did not want to get the procedure done. Even more though, I didn’t want to go back onto birth control until I nagged The Husband to either death or getting himself sniped, whichever happened first.  The reason I didn’t want to get my tubes tied was because it ends a part of my development.  To me it means I am no longer of child bearing age.  I’m only 33 chronologically but since my eggs aren’t going to my womb any more, I really am a menopausal 72.  Am I the only one who feels this way??

Kids underfoot: At what age will I again be able to go to bathroom, cook dinner or walk across the room without a kiddo as a witness?

Friendship: After moving it is really hard to find friends. I think stay at home moms are probably the loneliest people in the world.  At the same time stay at home moms have a memories like sieve.  When I exchange phone numbers at the park I have every intention of calling and make a play-date.  The sad thing is I forget and when/if I find the number it has been so long it would be really weird if I called.  I know that is why no one calls me after we exchange phone numbers (or do I smell bad??).  It is a fact of mommyhood.  Though I am making friends again and hopefully life long ones.

Bloggroll: Ok, so I have a dozen or so blogs I read everyday and I have no blogroll to share with you.  These are great writers and I really need to share them with you.  It is just, well, I’m too damn lazy to write up the log.  My promise to you, come September I will share all those blogs that make me cry, laugh or just shake me head in disbelief.

I don’t want to write about current events, that is just depressing and the books I’ve read are nothing to shout out about so I guess I’m done, for now!


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