Mommy Going Crazy

July 21, 2006

Just don’t Embarrass Me

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Today was the New Member Brunch, I was so nervous!  When I joined the Mom’s club I didn’t take into account that I would be taking my four monsters into other people’s homes.  I prayed that they wouldn’t break something or bite a kid or do anything worse then what some other kid is doing.

We were the first ones there.  Before we went in I told him “You need to listen, not run around and stay away from places where Miss. B doesn’t want you to  go.”  “OK, mommy”  Yeah right… I held my breath.

We went in and the kids started playing.  First Born wanted to go upstairs to see their bedrooms. They needed an adult to go up there since the last time B let kids up by themselves her son and friend flooded the bathroom.  So we said, just wait to tell more kids come.  First Born was patient.  I only heard “Can I go up now?”  “You said in a minute!” only a half a million times.  I finally took him up and twenty odd kids followed us up.  We spent two minutes and I then I herded them back downstairs.  Unfortunately B’s son wanted to be the line leader and all the kids took off down without him.  He cried for quite a while, poor kid.

Everything was going well  until it was time to go home.  I sort of got First Born to help clean up the playroom.  J-boy and Princess girl were oblivious and kept on playing.  When it was time to free the basket from Princess Girl’s death grip a small meltdown started.  She screamed a little as I put her shoes on.  Then as I was carrying Baby Boy out she went back to play.  I put Baby Boy down to go get her she.  She slipped through my fingers as I was trying to pick her up.  She ran around the train table and then crawled under the table.  I got a hold of her ankle and pulled her out.  I didn’t put her dare put her down as I grabbed Baby Boy carried them out.

At the same time First Born and J-boy were in the van.  I know this because J-boy thought it was a great time to started honking the horn. Another mom got him to stop that.  I started walking to the car with diaper bag, bottle bag on my shoulder, Princess Girl in one arm and the increasingly heavy Baby Boy in his carrier in the other arm.  I just wanted to get in the van and go home.

As I got to the car the circus continued:

“J-boy, get in the back”

J-boy mumbles something about the windshield wipers.

“Get in the back, Princess Girl get in your seat.  First Born don’t just sit there help her buckle up!”

I started the van to get the air going and all the wipers were on.  I heard J-Boy giggling manicaly in the back seat “You leave them on?”  “No, I can’t drive like that”

I turn around to see that Princes Girl is not in her carseat and J-boy is using his seat belt as an exercise belt for his legs.

“Princess Girl get in your seat!!”

“Mom, she won’t get in her seat.”

As I went around the back of the van I muttered various 4 letter words but I think all they heard was I see that!  I  reached her, put her in her seat and between First Born and myselves efforts she was tied down buckled in. Then I had to rebuckle J-boy since I had to unsettle him to get to her. 

“Alright, lets go I need to get gas”

Silence in the backseat.  I guess the two hours playing tired them out.  I know the 15 minutes of getting them into the van sure did. I did all this with a migrane building up and in 100 degree weather.


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