Mommy Going Crazy

July 24, 2006

Princess Girl

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Since  I had such a  hard time with Princess Girl today I thought I should list some things I love about her.  Just to remind me why we keep her around. 😉

  1. I love when she holds up a yellow crayon and says “blue crayon!” I’ll then tell her “Yes, that’s a yellow crayon”  She will then say “ya, ya, yellow” as if she is testing me and knew that was a yellow crayon all along.
  2. I love when I’m putting her to bed and she pushes my head down on the pillow, tucks me in, blows me a kiss and whispers “shh, night, night sleep” as she shuts her door, leaving me behind in her bed while she escapes.
  3. I love how she will bring me play drinks and food always keeping me supplied.
  4. I love when she sits in the recliner and invites me to join her.
  5. I love how she gets excited when she notices a shelf at Caravel’s doesn’t  have a display cake.
  6. I love her squeaky voice when she is happy.
  7. I love her animal sounds.
  8. I love how her smile lights up the room.
  9. I love how she blows kisses to me when I stub my toe.
  10. I love how she lines up her dolls and stuft animals until there isn’t room left in her bed and she squishes herself in the middle of them.

That wasn’t hard, guess I will keep her around.

 Just Plain Happy


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