Mommy Going Crazy

July 26, 2006

Splashing Good Time

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We went to Park Friends’* neighborhood pool today.  We were in the pool for about an hour and a half.  We had a couple of near drowning incidents that stopped my heart for a minute.

 J-boy disappeared.  He was in the pool one second and then gone.  I got out and looked over and he was in the deep end of the pool.  Trying to swim to the edge with the help of a teenager pushing on his bottom.  The boy had decided to go down the water slide! He can’t swim, not a lick.  I didn’t start breathing until he was climbing over the edge of the pool.  I was too far away to help him and the useless lifeguard was just chuckling.  I guess that means he was never in any danger, right? Needless to say he didn’t go down the slide again, even when I offered to catch him.

About 15 minutes later Princess Girl took off for the slide.  Luckily T. stopped her and I got into the pool to catch her.  She only went down once.  Though as we were trying to pack up and leave she took off for the slide again.  Why is when you are grocery shopping they walk slower then snails but when they want to do something the are faster then an Olympic sprinter?  I got her just as she put her first foot on the ladder.  I bribed reminded her that we were going to Park Friend’s house to play.  She happily walked back to the gate with me.

First Born luckily didn’t try to drown himself.  Though he accused me of not catching him fast enough when he came down the slide.  I calmly told him I had to catch up to him and he was only under for a second.  I was good, I didn’t roll my eyes at him as he pouted and stomped away.

Princess Girl did loose her footing in the kiddie pool.  I jumped in and pulled her out.  She coughed up a lot of water/phlegm which I gracefully caught in my hand so she didn’t do it in the pool.

Baby Boy was happy as usual in his car seat smiling whenever we came over to say hi. I don’t know what I did to have such a mellow kid I hope, pray, and will pay good money to keep him mellow and happy.

I’m a little sun burn.  First Born’s face is a bit burned.  Otherwise that spray on sunblock did an awesome job; my children are still pasty white.  All in all it was a successful outing.

*Park Friends are the family we met at the park at the beginning of summer. So even though they are so much more then ‘just’ friends we go to the park with they will forever be the Park Friends in blog land.


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