Mommy Going Crazy

July 29, 2006

New Job Description: Bowling Coach

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First Born and The Husband are joining a bowling league in the fall.  The catch, no bumpers.  First Born cannot hold the ball with one hand.  For those of you who don’t bowl it basically means he can’t swing the ball back all the way and you usually rotate the ball right into the gutter.  His highest score without bumpers is 34.  He is having a blast at the moment but if he doesnt improve he might get frustrated and stop having fun.  So to help him gain confidence and strength we have been coaching him.

For the last two weekends we took him bowling.  He is actually taking our advice and trying really hard.  Yeah, I’m shocked, it isn’t like he listens at home or anything. We are only having him bowl two games.  It is so easy to tire out that skinny little arm of his.  Plus, he bounces around so much that he makes us tired just looking at him.

In addition to practice sessions I think we are going to have to add ‘strength’ training.  One thing he can do is use a can of vegetables and swing his arm back and forth as if he is throwing a ball.  To work on the forearm he can bend his wrist, without weight.  I think we should probably have him work both arms or he is going to be lopsided.  I just have an image of his right arm dragging on the floor because of huge muscles. 🙂

The key is to balance the fun factor with the frustration.  Frustration is normal when learning something new; First Born has to learn this.  Though if he isn’t having fun then what will be the point.  After this practice session he was in a really good mood. So far so good!


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