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July 31, 2006

Phew, No One Drowned

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Sunday was the big summer finale activity, we went to Hurricane Harbor.  We left Baby Boy and Princess Girl with Bunkie.  Bunkie was originally just going to keep Baby Boy but when she volunteered to keep Princess Girl we agreed.  Even though Princess Girl did not know she was missing all the fun I felt a little guilty about leaving her behind.  After the near drowning incidences at the pool the other day it was the best decision.

First Born had stayed the night with Uncle Joey, J-boy had stayed the night with Bunkie so The Husband and I were well rested for the day.  Actually, we weren’t well rested.  We had spent Saturday night catching up on all the things we had recorded on the DVR but we had good intentions of going to bed before 10.  I guess midnight isn’t that far off right? 

We picked up J-boy, dropped off the youngest two and headed out.  It is about a 30 minute drive from Bunkie’s house to the park.  J-boy amused himself with the ‘raise your hand game’.  I will ask “who has brown eyes?” and whoever has brown eyes raises their hands.  J-boy actually insisted on asking questions.  The drive went by quick and we got to the park 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet the rest of our party.

We meet up with Auntie J, Uncle Ed, Uncle Joey and First Born in the parking lot.  Water shoes on, sunscreen applied; we headed into the park.  I think the first half hour was spent on getting a locker and getting rid of all of our stuff.

After splashing in a pool we split up, Aunt and Uncles to the slides The Husband, the kiddos and myself to the lazy river.  We love the lazy river.  Not the kiddos, but The Husband and I.  I got lucky though I carried J-boy who just snuggled up and chatted with me as we walked/floated around.  First Born, as I found out when it was my turn, clings on for dear life.   After we went around once we figured we tortured them had enough and headed to Hooks Cove.

I HATED Hooks Cove.  The kiddos took off.  I lost track of First Born as I was chasing J-boy.  I kicked myself several times for telling The Husband “I can handle it, go back to the locker for more sunscreen”.  When The Husband caught up with us we found the kiddos and told them that they had to stick together as they played.  That helped but I was glad when we decided to go to the wave pool.

The wave pool was a hit with the kiddos.  They were karate chopping the waves and kicking them.  They didn’t want to leave but we wanted them to try one slide ride.

By this time the Auntie and Uncles were back with us so we headed for a slide.   This one had a boat and three of us could ride together.  The Husband bowed out and went back to the lazy river.  The kiddos were nervous, I was too.  It was our turn and I was sending J-boy in first with Auntie JJ and Uncle Ed.  J-boy started to freak but Uncle Ed’s a big guy and sat down in the boat and held him close.  Then we got in with First Born. As we went down First Born was a bit mad at me “You lied to me, you said it wasn’t fast”  I really didn’t know it was that fast but I think he didn’t talk to me for at leat a whole 5 minutes after the ride.  He also didn’t eat lunch either, so I think the ride was not one of my best ideas. It wasn’t a surprise that neither kiddo wanted to go down another slide.

Anyway, we spent more time in the wave pool and the lazy river.  As we were leaving First Born asked to go on the lazy river one more time.  We all looked at him like he grew another head.  He complained every time we went around.  I said “I thought you hated it? He just said “I changed my mind”.  Go figure.

A little sunburn, a lot of pool wrestling and wave crashing and not a single one of us came close to drowning.  Another successful outing.


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