Mommy Going Crazy

August 9, 2006

Back to School

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This morning with a belly full of Cheerios and strawberries First Born returned to school.  If you heard a loud yelp of joy this morning it was me.  I will miss First Born at least during the 2 and half hours that J-boy is also in school but I see the time the boys are gone as a time for the youngest two and myself to bond.  What, who am I kidding! Princess Girl and Baby Boy will be “napping” this afternoon and I’m going to have a break.

All kidding aside it is bitter sweet having the oldest in school.  I think in seven years when all four are in school full time I will be really lonely.  The first week will be great but I have a feeling having a clean house for most of the day will loose it’s appeal quickly.  I will also probably be going back to work.  Not looking forward to being 40 and trying to find a job.  There goes my good mood, darn it all.

We met the boy’s teachers last night.  Both are young cheery women who I hope I forewarned enough so they are prepared with J-boy  being Mr. Shy and First Born being Mr. I Can’t Stop Talking to Save My Life. 

First Born was excited to see Neighbor Girl was in his class.  She is the only one he knows and vice versa.  They seemed to have completely mixed up the previous year’s classes.  We (The Husband and Neighbor Mom) warned the teacher that First Born and Neighbor Girl are close friends.  Right now they are across an aisle with one person between them, a big enough buffer for natural chatter boxes, maybe.

J-boy is in for a lot of changes. He has a new teacher, new class name (now kites was hearts) and girls in his class (last year no girls, this year 4 girls 3 boys).  He is still in the same physical classroom and one classmate from last year is in his class.    He has the same teacher’s aides and the same speech pathologist.  Anyway, the point of all the rambling is I think J-boy will adjust to the new things.  He will have a lot of things that are familiar. Also, he is a resilient little tyke even if does hide behind The Husband when we tried to get him to say hi to his teacher last year.

It’s time go rescue the crayons from the kiddos.  I’m sure J-boy is done with his kite picture for his teacher and Princess Girl is coloring on the toys, walls, her knees etc.

Just three more hours….


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