Mommy Going Crazy

August 9, 2006

I Conquered Summer

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I thought wow, we really had an action packed summer this year.  I promised that I would be a better mom and do stuff with/for the kiddos.  I did it, we had at least three activities a week all summer.

As a way to test my theory of how fun of a summer it was I quizzed asked kiddos about what they remembered and liked about the summer.  Silly me, I thought it would be an interesting conversation.

First Born was almost able to list 5 things we did this summer:

  • Hanging with friends
  • Water park
  • Parks
  • Zoo

I reminded him about the library programs.  He then went into great detail about the magician.  He thought I should have been able to go in with him.  It was a kid only event though so I was hanging with his brothers and sister.  His favorite thing, the water park the least favorite the park.  Why the park, because we went to the same park too much.  This was the kid complaining last year about how we never wen to the park, which we didn’t.  Basically he was smiling while we talked about the summer so I think I scored with him.

J-boy remembered the water slide I forced him ride (I think I really did scar him).  He liked playing with friends and watching cartoons.  So much for making an impact on this kid.

Princess Girl doesn’t really answer questions.  She just repeats what I say so I had two choices.  I could load the questions in my favor or just throw out her data.   I am throwing out her data.

I think this summer was great for me too.  I found a really good friend from our park visits.  We went to dinner at the Park Friend’s house and The husbands met.  It was a great dinner, great grown up conversations and the ladies won the Trivial Pursuit game.  Did I mention Key Lime Cheesecake?  Where were the kids?  They were playing together nicely.  It was great!  We are all getting together at my house for dinner next month, maybe sooner.

I finally got off my duff and joined the Mom’s Club.  So I have a whole pool of potential friends for the kiddos and myself. The Mom’s night out this month is a game night, right up may alley.

The actually events of the summer will fade from our memories but I believe the friendships and associations formed will last a long time.


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