Mommy Going Crazy

August 11, 2006

Me, Myself and Motherhood

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Ahhh, Blogher.  What I have read about the well touted event was people getting sick, lost and bored.  I’m sure there are some great fun retells of the event but they are not quite as fun to read and I stop after a couple of sentences (yes, I enjoy reading other peoples angst, you do too!)

One theme that had to stand out to me is the Mommy bloggers vs. the rest of the female bloggers of the world.  This fiery self explanatory blog entry I hate mommy bloggers sparked a lot of debate and more debate (thank you Dora for sharing the link on your blog).  Anyway so not here to debate the big clique forming, margarita tossing debate but what the debate did spark in me is “am I just a mommy now?”

I wish the answer is well, yes, I am an intellectual being that can hold a conversation with an adult without one poop, learning talk/walk/shout, or ‘cute’ story about one of the kiddos.  Alas, I couldn’t.  Could I talk about current events yeah, books, movies yeah but I would have to throw in a few stories of my kiddos.  The kiddos are part of me . 

I am a Mommy blogger and I choose to write about my kiddos.  I could write an entry about Mel Gibson, the wars in the middle east or the rise of gas prices.  Would anyone read these?  How about the latest Janet Evanovich novel or the Da Vinci Code, movie or book, take your pick?  To be honest are these things any more interesting then my Baby Boy’s poop (it never turned orange after the carrots, little disappointed here)

Anyway, now I am thinking about myself as a more then a mommy.  I don’t know if I’ll write more then ‘just’ about my kiddos but in my own head and deeds I’m going to try and be a complete woman.  Now, excuse me, I do have to sign off,  Baby Boy has rolled into my  bedroom and needs rescuing from the crayon he is eating.


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