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August 12, 2006

Cash or Charge

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I woke up excited today we were going furniture shopping!  Princess Girl needs a new bed and we were off to the Ikea in Frisco to find a perfect princess bed.  This was my first time to Ikea and I have heard amazing stories about it.

We get to the store and waited in line for 15 minutes to put First Born and J-boy into Smalland.  Two less kids and off we go up to the second floor.  There was so much to see!  We found her bed right away.  Though we were good shoppers and looked around a few more minutes to see if anything else caught our eye. Something else did, the perfect mommy and daddy bed (no picture available yet 😦 ).

We navigated through the self-service aisles and picked up a toddler bed, dresser, two side tables, mattress and a metal center support bar.  Our bed was too big for self service so we just headed to the checkout.

While in line The Husband warned me about the puddle on the floor in front of us and I passed it down to GP.  GP was kind enough to come along and provide delivery services.  GP then let me know that the puddle wasn’t going anywhere. Due to our due diligence no one slipped on the puddle.

We checked out the first cart and explained the the cashier that there was indeed a second cart.  I was going to build a sign with an arrow pointing to the second cart but he finally figured it out.  I pushed the first cart out to the benches and waited.

The cashier realized that he forgot to scan the metal center support, so The Husband grabbed it and brought it back to the cashier.  It was scanned so The Husband put it back.  I turned around when I heard a groan of pain and  The Husband said “I cut myself, I need help!” That metal support bar was, umm, sharp.

I go to the cashier and said I need something to stop the bleeding.  Blood was flowing through The Husband’s fingertips at this point.  The cashier picked looked under the book, glanced under the counter and said he didn’t have anything.  So quite hysterically forcefully, I told him to find something and call first aid.  He stood there for a few seconds looking vacant, then wandered to the office next to his register.

Meanwhile, I grabbed The Husband’s hand and used my t-shirt to put pressure on the cuts.  I raised his hand above his heart and wondered what the hell was taking so long.  I heard the lady in the office mutter something about someone coming down.  She pulled out a first aid kit.  I was expecting some gauze or even a band-aid.  What did Ms. Genius do? She gave me an alcohol wipe!  Not knowing what it was I put it on the cut and The Husband cried “Ouch!, that has alcohol in it”.  I muttered some really bad words and used my shirt some more.

Meanwhile First Born was getting upset but I had to have him sit with Baby Boy. The other kids were oblivious to the drama. GP went to go get his pick-up truck and the first aid guy showed up.

He knew what he was doing.  He put some kind of bandage on it, then gauze and then a wrap to bind it all up.  Knowing our every questioning insurance was going to have a field day with the claim we had to ask the first aid guy to fill out an accident report.

While all this drama was going on the line we were in was backing up.  I had to tell the cashier like ten times that we weren’t going to buy that stuff today and that we were going to have to come back another time.  I swear our cashier must have been smoking something.

Soooooooo we split up.  GP and The Husband to the hospital for stitches me and the kiddos home.  I got Bunkie to watch the kiddos and met The Husband at the hospital.  He got 5 stitches in one finger, one in the other.  Right now his middle finger looks like it belongs to King Tut (think mummy wraps).

Our new furniture is probably back on the shelf.  There is always next weekend!


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  1. […] All went well until The Husband sliced open his finger.  Poor Princess Girl had to wait a for her new bed.   Really she didn’t seem to mind the mattress on the floor.  Though it was too tempting for J-boy to flip and lean up against the wall.  Luckily for Princess Girl the human body heals quickly so she wasn’t on the mattress on the floor for long. […]

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