Mommy Going Crazy

August 23, 2006


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No, I’m not talking about writers block.  The Husband blocked my name from his messenger!  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you why.  J-boy is harassing his Daddy at work.  I made the mistake thinking oh, let J-boy chat to Daddy at work.  I’d help him find the keys and write little messages.  Usually ending up asking to go to McDonald’s.

Then J-boy found the emoticons and had to include one every time. Innocent enough except some of them pop up in front of The Husband’s work which is distracting.  Still The Husband persevered.

Then if I kept the dialogue box open J-boy would write to Daddy without my knowledge.  Basically the messages looked like this: adjfioadf difojadasidfj 🙂 <kiss>, etc.  So I closed the box.   J-boy figured out how to open it back up.  So I then closed the messenger.  However, he found it in the start up tray and opened it back up.  Then I thought, well I’ll just have to close it off completely.  Damn it all if that boy didn’t find it and open it again.

After getting several lines of babble, three invites to play games on line and a nudge  The Husband took things into his own hands and blocked me, his own wife.  Can I blame him? Not really.  I know who I can blame for getting me blak listed…that tech savvy 4 year old!  See if he gets to go to McDonald’s’ anytime soon. 


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