Mommy Going Crazy

August 30, 2006

What’s My Job??

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Everyday J-boy gets in the car and is excited about what job he had at school.  He loudly tells me what the job is. Some jobs are self explanatory: flag holder, line leader etc.  Some I need definitions: rainstick holder, office assistant.  He is always ready and excited about sharing his job description with me.

There are about 7 jobs and more will be added as his class grows in size.  This causes a bit of a dilemma for  The Husband.  J-boy insists that The Husband guess what job J-boy had at school that day.  The Husband tries to guess.  He goes through the list of which jobs he knows that he could have been but alas there always seems to be a new one.   No mater how many times The Husband guess he isn’t allowed to give up.  Eventually I step in and give a clue or whisper the answer to him.  J-boy is always amazed that The Husband got the answer right.

Today J-boy was really into the guessing game.  The Husband went through all the different jobs that J-boy has talked about. Unfortunately, it was the first time J-boy had had this job After The Husband exhausted the list J-boy gave The Husband some clues: it has a desk and paper.   I came in and added two more clues: an assistant and secretary.  The Husband figured it out; J-boy was the office assistant today.  When The Husband guessed right J-boy said in a sing-song voice “You got it!”.


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