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September 27, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

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At J-boy’s preschool they have a ‘wacky’ theme on Wednesday.  Some weeks it is wear a certain color others wear favorite sports team clothes.  This week is outrageous hat day.  J-boy owns two hats a chefs hat and a fireman hat, which would have worked just fine.  However, The Husband surprised the two oldest and took them to Krispy Kreme for breakfast so J-boy got to wear  his Krispy Kreme hat to school. (note: The Husband did NOT bring me a donut home, grounds for divorce I’m sure)

I think is smile is outrageous too:

J-boy Wacky Wednesday Hat Day

Please note he is wearing his hat sideways like Admiral Lord Nelson. The Husband told he that Lord Nelson wore his hat sideways because it got into his way or something like that.  The point is I was listening (sort of) when he told me that tidbit.


September 25, 2006

I Put It Somewhere Safe…Really

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It all started years ago.   I was about ten years old and I got $20 for something.  So, I put it away, safe, so my little brother and sister couldn’t get it.  Three years latter when we were moving out of state I found $20 tucked into an encyclopedia.  By then I didn’t even remember that I had put it there.  I am assuming it was me since the book was in my bedroom.

Fast forward to when I was 16.  I got a car for Christmas.  It was a 1979 Horizon.  I spent more on repairs then the value of the car but heck it was a car.  Anyway, I had issues with my car keys.  I lost them once, twice, three ok, every set I had.  One day before work I had gone through my last copy of car keys and had to call a key place to open the car and make me a key.  I did eventually find most of the keys.  This weekend my keys were missing again.  I had just told The Husband he needed to leave his keys for me.  Then as is was looking for the light bulbs that I had put up safe, I saw that my keys were hanging where they belong, go figure.

The Husband dreads hearing these words come out of my mouth “I put it somewhere safe”.  His response is “Oh, god” (must read with an English accent, much funnier) I do put stuff safe(ish) so the kiddos can’t find it.  Unfortunately I usually can’t find it either.  Most of the time the kiddos find where I hid something before I remember that I need it.  The other times, I have to search the house and all my hiding spots before I find it.

Right now we are missing the checkbook and Entertainment book.  I know where they are… somewhere safe.

September 21, 2006

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

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The other day I watching TV and saw a new  Barbie is on the market.  Now, Princess Girl isn’t into Barbie, yet.  I have no objection to  Barbie.  The jury is still out on the Bratz doll but luckily we have a couple of years before she is looking at little dolls.

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah… watching TV and a new Barbie doll.  Barbie and Tanner, ooh, cute right?  Then all of a sudden the dog takes a dump.  You feed the dog and then up goes the tail and the poop, um, pops out.  Though it does include a pooper scooper and trash can to clean up the mess.  How convenient!  I don’t think Princess Girl is going to get this particular doll, the whole concept kind of grosses me out.  Though, maybe the jerk who lets his dog shit in the middle of the road should have it as a learning toy.  He obviously hasn’t heard of a pooper scooper

September 18, 2006


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Carla from Hi-5 was pretending to be a donut making machine.  At one point the “power” goes off and she is happy because you get tired from making donuts.  Which started an interesting conversation with First Born.

First Born:  It’s boring to be a donut machine.

Me: yeah, but they are machines they don’t care.

First Born:  They are real.

Me: Yes, they are real donut machines but they aren’t alive.

First Born: That’s good because they might start a nuclear war or something.

In all my wisdom I just let that statement go.  Where does he get these things?


*For those of you not of the 80’s generation W.O.P.R. is the chess playing Thermal Nuclear War controlling computer from War Games.  Those of you who figured it out, thank you.  I am not alone 🙂

September 17, 2006

Baby Food Splatter

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I have problem and it’s a bit messy.  I cannot open a Gerber baby food package without splattering myself.   I try pulling it open away from my body but for some reason I can’t open the damn thing.  I pull slow, pull fast doesn’t matter I get green beans or carrots spitting up at me.  I really miss the glass jars.  Anyone out there know how to open these things without making a mess?

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