Mommy Going Crazy

September 1, 2006

Are You a Poop, Poop?

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In the car on the way home from breakfast:

J-boy sings: Daddy’s a poop, poop!  Daddy’s a poop, poop”  Repeats and repeats.

The Husband and I chuckle.

The Husband:Hey J-boy!  Did you tell mommy how much I love you?

J-boy screams: TINY BIT!!! (laughing manically)

More chuckling

Me:  “How much does Daddy love you?

J-boy: Poop, poop!

Laughing louder.

Me: Hey, Princess girl.  How much does Daddy love you?

Princess Girl:  No, Poo, poo!!

Laughing with tears rolling down our eyes.

J-boy sings: Mommy’s a poop poop! Mommy’s a poop, poop” a few times

J-boy asks: Daddy, you wanna help?

The Husband: Sure

J-boy and The Husband: Mommy’s a poop poop! Mommy’s a poop, poop”

After twenty or so verses I chimed in: Mommy’s a poop, poop.

This goes on for a bit and J-boy takes a breather so…

The Husband and I: J-boy’s a poop, poop, J-boy’s a poop poop.

J-boy is bouncing up and down in his seat laughing.

We change it up a bit: Princess is a poop, poop!  Baby Boy is a poop poop, we are all a poop, poop!

J-boy comes back around to finish our loving song with The Husband as back up: Mommy’s a poop, poop!

It’s cool to be a poop, poop.


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  1. Ha-ha! That is so hilarious! I can so sympathise with you on this! 🙂

    Comment by Jonathan — September 1, 2006 @ 9:45 am |Reply

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