Mommy Going Crazy

September 6, 2006

Food Fight

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Every night J-boy and Princess Girl only eat their favorite food at dinner time.  Wether it is Mac and Cheese or Rice they dig in.  They always turned their nose up to anything else I had to offer.  In the past I always loaded up their plate with what they eat and as a side thought stick a little veg and meat on their plate.  I was going on the principle that they need to eat something.  Last week my philosophy changed.

The Husband and I are working on reducing calories and proportions.  So on our dinner plates I put a little of the rice/potato etc. and lots of veg and meat.  I did the same with the kids.  First Born is usually good about trying new foods and eating the main course.  The other two just would never even try the other food.  Now, only if they try the other items on their plates could they have more of their favorite foods.   When I stared this I hoped I wasn’t going to starve them.

The first time I tried this J-boy wanted seconds of Mac and Cheese.  I told him to try the asparagus and hot dog.  He looked at me and said he didn’t want anymore and went to watch TV.  The second night he did the same thing.  Last night he tried everything on his plate.   In the past he wouldn’t even touch chili but he wanted his Mac and Cheese so he tasted it. He then wanted some more chili too!  Now, maybe he will be more adventurous every night!

Last night Princess Girl was hilarious when I told her that she had to eat some chili, hamburger and peas before she could get more of her all time favorite food, Mac and Cheese.  She took a bit of the hamburger bun, one bean and a bite of her peas all in one mouth full.  I tried so hard not laugh but it was so funny seeing her fill her mouth like that.  After she ate her seconds of Mac and Cheese and wanted thirds she had to try all the food again.  I stopped her from stuffing her mouth full that time.  She took a bit of the bun but didn’t touch anything else so she didn’t have thirds.  She didn’t seem too upset about it because she was playing with her food for five minutes and did not argue when I took her plate away.

I’m hoping by reducing how much of their favorite food they get they will try and be more adventurous in their eating.  Who knows maybe they will find that chicken is their new favorite food.  I do know one thing they won’t starve themselves.  If they really are still hungry they will try everything.  If they are not hungry they will pass and leave the table. 


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