Mommy Going Crazy

September 6, 2006

Sweet Cereal

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There seems to be a a theme to my blogging today but it is just a coincidence that I’m all about food today.

Every few boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios I let the kids pick out a sweet cereal.   I do not let them get a chocolate based or marshmallow cereal.  One time it is Fruity Pebbles another it might be Captain Crunch.  At the grocery store Princess Girl chose Dora cereal.  It has little cinnamon coated corn puff stars.

Yesterday out of curiosity I compared the nutrition facts of the Dora Cereal to Honey Nut Cheerios.  To my surprise Dora came out ahead in the comparison.  In the same serving Dora had less sugar, less calories more fiber and iron.  Cheerios had less carbohydrates but more phosphorus, magnesium and protein.   I think the kids need less sugar and more iron so Dora seems a better choice for the kiddos.  Now I am sure the regular Cheerios has less sugar then both of the others but the kiddos won’t eat it.  Even Princess Girl, queen of waffle land, loves the Dora cereal and will finish a whole serving.  Hmmm, maybe we are on to something.


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