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September 11, 2006

A Bed a Bed a Kingdom for a Bed

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Princess Girl’s bed broke.  I learned the hard way that you really need to use all the screws if you don’t want a bed to break.  We headed to the furniture store excited about finding the right bed.  We had the bed picked out and were ready to buy… enter steps evil sales lady.  I told her we wanted the bed with the canopy.  We wanted to use the mattress we already had but somehow I got talked into a mattress and bed springs.  When she rang up the purchase it was twice what we were planing to pay.   The husband and I were trying to compute where she got the prices but the evil sales lady wouldn’t shut up.  So, we landed up walking out of the store.

So, no bed yet.  We did not give up.  We did some research on line and found some possible bed fit for a Princess.  I found one I loved but it would take too long to get here.  Then we saw the Ikea catalog.  “Look” I say “there are some cute beds in here!”  so we conned GP into taking us to the store.  I love that he has a pickup truck and is willing to help us out.  Plus it gives him an excuse to see his grandkiddos.

All went well until The Husband sliced open his finger.  Poor Princess Girl had to wait a for her new bed.   Really she didn’t seem to mind the mattress on the floor.  Though it was too tempting for J-boy to flip and lean up against the wall.  Luckily for Princess Girl the human body heals quickly so she wasn’t on the mattress on the floor for long.

This weekend GP and The Husband headed for Ikea.  They came home relatively unscathed.  Though the Husband does have a nasty bruise on his wrist.  As GP started putting the bed together The Husband asked “How does the mattress go on?”  After looking at the parts and reading the manual we figured out oops, forgot the bed slates.  So Princess Girl and I head out to Ikea to get the slates.

After hunting for the slates that someone moved to a new aisle we headed home.  The Husband laid the slats on the bed and then the mattress went on.  Oops, again, the mattress was too short.   They had bought the crib mattress not the small mattress.

So I loaded the mattress in the car grabbed the Neighbor Lady for company and headed back to Ikea.  I returned the mattress and went on the hunt for the right one. Yet again the mattress was in the wrong bin but we were not fooled and the mattress came home.

By this time the dresser was put together and her room was nearly done.  We put the mattress on the bed slates and thank goodness it fit.  I then made her bed and put her clothes in the dresser.  Voila!  Her room now had a bed.  Though it only took 3 minutes for the clothes to be out of the dresser and the blanket and pillow to be back on the floor. 

It took longer to find Princess Girl a bed then we thought it would.  In the end we got a bed, lamp and dresser for half the price of what evil sales lady wanted us to spend.  Plus, I really liked this one better.  Patience won out and Princess Girl loves her bed.

Now if we could only get her to fall asleep in it instead of on the floor behind the door.


Princess Bed

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