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September 13, 2006

Cleaning Up

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The other night J-boy dumped his food on the floor.  There was rice all over the place.  Before he could get his seconds of chicken I asked him to clean it up.  I returned to eating.  A few seconds later I was about to ask him to clean it up again when I realized he had gotten the broom and dustpan and was doing a really good job of cleaning up.  He got all the rice up and emptied the dustpan into the trash can.  He then asked for seconds of chicken. With utter joy I praised him and gave him his chicken.

J-boy’s cleaning up his mess without argument and using the proper tools is a new experience for us.  Just a few weeks ago J-boy and I would have argued over the matter. Then he would stomp off without cleaning up or getting his extra chicken  It amazes me fast kids change their behavior.

With J-boy’s behavior changing I started thinking about how the clean up would have happen with the other two.  I’m pretty confident that Princess Girl would have sat on the floor eating the rice instead of putting it back on her plate, typical two year old stuff.  Of course I would be shocked and stop her or pretend I don’t notice because the floor really is clean and she does need to eat.   I’ll let you guess which option I usually employ. 🙂

To get First Born to clean up his mess it would have sounded like this:

Me: Pick up your rice, please.

First Born: OK

Two minutes later

First Born:  More chicken please

Me: Pick up your rice first.

30 seconds later

Me: Pick up your mess.

First Born: I don’t have anything to pick it up with.

Me: Use a paper towel.

First Born:  Where are they?

Me: On the counter

First Born: (glances in kitchen) Where?

I would then grumble go get the towels.  He would take a few towels then make an attempt to clean up the rice.  Later that night I would get rice stuck on my foot, grab the broom and finish cleaning up.  Can you tell I’ve been through this a few million times?

Maybe J-boy can set a good example for First Born?  Wow, I never thought I would want First Born to act more like J-boy.  My how things change!


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  1. This is CLASSIC. Your 1st born sounds a lot like my 6yo 🙂

    Great Blog!

    Comment by Aurelia — September 13, 2006 @ 6:59 pm |Reply

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