Mommy Going Crazy

September 15, 2006

Not Just about the Flag

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Yesterday First Born’s school participated in the Star Spangled Banner Project.  Schools all around the country lead their students in singing of the National Anthem at the same time.  The kids sang beautifully.  They even knew the words, which I bet most of us (US citizens) can’t get through the whole song with at least stumbling.

 I always thought we needed a new national anthem.  I thought it weird that we sang our most patriotic song to the flag.  Then I figured out the song really isn’t about Old Glory but about the American Spirit.  It talks about not giving in and fighting to the last man.  Lets face it even if we are loosing bad we still keep fighting.  Even now that we are the ‘super power’ our choices often are those of a pit bull.  We see something we don’t like, even if it isn’t really there, and sink our teeth into it and won’t let go.

The fact is our flag is a stable icon that we can turn to in pride and remember the glory days of our past. Could you imagine if the national anthem was Hail to the Chief?  The President is a person. One we replace every four to eight years.  Our presidents are not cookie cutter politicians in a lot of ways.  They are unique, have personalities (or lack there of) and make mistakes that we always seem to find out about.  At times it is hard to be patriotic about particular Presidents so we sing about our flag and about how it was there “by the dawns early light”.  Yes, we are the home of the brave though rash at times.  We are the land of the free as long as we keep voting for those who will protect our rights. 


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