Mommy Going Crazy

December 1, 2006

Gall Bladder Blues Part II: Meeting the Surgeon(s)

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I made an appointment to see a surgeon.  He seemed nice enough.  He asked me questions.  He said that I do need my gall bladder out.  He then went through a spiel about what to expect, using hand drawn graphics.  The Dr. explained that he would make 4 incisions, one under the belly button and the other three around my gall bladder.  If he goofs then he will cut me open and fix the goof up (not his exact words, but details aren’t really that interesting and kind of gross).  I said great, when can we do it?  He said lets try before Thanksgiving.  I guess Thanksgiving is a big gall bladder holiday where they take out a lot of them so better to get it over with.

The nurse calls me back and tells me that I am scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and she needs $250.  I was shocked, for what do you need my money right before my daughter’s birthday and Christmas??  It is for the assistant . Dr.  “Extortion” feels everyone should be paid for doing their job.  Yes, I agreed everyone should get paid but I pointed out that I have great insurance and it should cover it.  If not I would pay the difference.  Nope, not good enough for them so I told them to shove it. 

Actually I found a new surgeon verified that they don’t want me to pay up front. They do expect co-insurance  up front but since we don’t have co-insurance because we pay huge bucks to the insurance company monthly for 100% coverage, I made an appointment for Tuesday. I then then called back up Dr. “Extortion” and  I told them sorry, you guys suck, I’m not paying for something that I know will be paid for, its not my fault other people don’t pay their doctor bills.  I can put that $250 to good use, it’s not like you are paying me interest to hold my money for two to three months so I’m talking my gall bladder elsewhere (I’m paraphrasing of course).  The poor nurse apologized and said she hoped that the doctor would change his policy if he lost a few more patients this way.  She did sound really embarrassed, I felt sorry for her. 

My new doctor was nice.  In fact I liked  him better, not so much like a used car salesman.  He actually felt around my stomach before agreeing with everyone else.  So I was scheduled the following Tuesday to have my gall bladder removed.

To be continued: Gall Bladder Blues Part III: Bye Bye Gall Bladder

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