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December 14, 2006

Gall Bladder Blues Part III: Bye Bye Gall Bladder

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I thought I would have trouble falling asleep the night before my surgery but after a nice hot shower I fell asleep as my head hit the pillow.  I was dreaming about walking across a dirt bridge, I was looking for a hut, I never found out why because I suddenly woke up.  It was 5:15 and I had forgot to set my alarm.  I had planned to be up at 5 so I could take another shower, relax and get First Born awake, showered and medicated before we left.  I had to shorten my shower but First Born was eating breakfast as we headed out to the surgery center.  Pops (The Husband’s Father) was in visiting from England so we didn’t have to arrange for babysitting.  Pops was elected by default to stay with the kids until The Husband came back.

We got to the Surgery Center five minutes before I was scheduled.  The Husband filled all the paperwork out.  The receptionist made notes, made me sign papers and gave me a copy of the patient privacy regulations (don’t know about you but I am sick of getting those).  She then lead us upstairs.  The Husband waited until I was in the bed waiting for my IV and then headed out to take over the kids from Pops.

For some reason I was really calm.  I read People magazine and started falling asleep.  The nurse came in put the IV in my arm and made a mess.  I wasn’t wearing my own clothes so no big deal for me.  The anesthesiologist explained everything to me. He said he would give me  shot in the pre-op room (where I was), I would then scoot off that bed onto the operating table.  Then he would give me more drugs and put me to sleep.  I don’t ever remember scooting onto the operating table but I guess they got me there somehow.

In recovery one I remember wanting my oxygen mask off then I must have fallen asleep again.    In recovery two I heard the nurses telling The Husband that they would call after they gave me my pain medication.   The nurse gave me my medication, called The Husband and told him 20 mins.  She came back 15 mins later, helped me get dressed when I heard the phone, The Husband was waiting down at the car.  I got into a wheel chair and headed home.

I spent the first day in bed, sleeping.  I had really, really, really dry mouth.  Did I mention I had no wetness in my mouth?  I tried to eat toast but it stuck so bad I had to swallow water with it, like taking a pill.  That lasted about two days. 

The second day after the surgery I was sore.  I didn’t lift the kids and tried to take it easy.  The third day I would lift the kids if Pops wasn’t watching (he would get grumpy with me if he saw it).  The week after surgery things were back to normal.  I went to playgroup, took care of the kids and the house.

Right now I have a rash where the Band-Aids were and my belly button hurts every so often.  Nothing in my eating has changed.  I haven’t had any side effects from having my gall bladder out.  Well, there is one side effect, I’m not in excruciating pain in more.

The End


August 26, 2006

Pretty Toes

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Today neighbor mom called me on my cell phone and asked if I wanted to go with her to get a pedicure.  With The Husband happily agreeing to watch the kiddos (one was napping, one was next door, one was playing on the computer and the other was Baby Boy) I said sure.

This was my first pedicure.  Climbing up into that chair was a bit awkward.  I was afraid that I was going to fall into the whirlpool.  Luckily I made it and hopefully didn’t look to much of an idiot.  Then they lady pointed at the water and I stuck my poor little feet in.  Oh, my gosh it was hot but felt great.  I thought I was in Nirvana when the lady then turned on my chair.  Ooh, massage, good.  I almost fell asleep.

  I hadn’t planned on this little outing so it was a little weired having someone massage my lower legs when I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days.  I quickly forgot my discomfort as she massaged the care out of my calves and feet.  She filed, buffed, clipped and oiled my feet all in preparation for my pretty red nail polish.

My feet look really pretty and Princess Girl thought my toes were cool.  Now I need to find some open toe sandals so everyone can share in the glory of my red toes.  I can’t wait to do it again.

August 14, 2006

A Little Bump in the Line

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Today I took The Husand’s car to drop of J-boy at school.  The Husband was staying home because of his fingers.  While in the carpool drop off line J-boy unbuckled his seat belt and I had to yell remind him to stay buckled in because we could get in an accident.  Sure enough as I was ready to pull forward someone hit us.  No one was hurt so don’t panic.

I got out and noticed scratches so I said, let’s drop of the kids, park and then take a better look.  No problem so far.  So I dropped off J-boy and pulled out and parked in the bus drop off area.  I expected her to follow but like most people she didn’t follow the no left turn sign and turned left parking at the curb.  I’m like dude, you hit me get over here.  I didn’t think she heard me from half a block away so I started to drive to her but the she pulled in before I got far.

This is when it got good or hellish depending on one’s point of view. I showed her the damage and that it wouldn’t rub off.  This is what happened:

Me: We need to exchange information.

Lady: Are you sure I did the damage? 

Me:  Um, yeah.

Lady: The scratches on the my bumper are old. (she had huge scratches on the corner of her bumper)

Me: (pointing at her license plate) Your plate is bent and you can see the blue paint rubbed off.  It matches the blue scratches on my bumper. (I took a picture of her plates on my camera phone but thought I’d avoid liability and/or slander issues and not upload the picture.)

Simple right? But, no oh no it wasn’t that simple!  She called someone and talked in a foreign language so I’m not sure what was said.  After she hung up she said we needed to call the police.

My God.  I looked at her and said “What?  Are you kidding!?!”  She said no, call the police.  She was looking pissy so I wandered off muttering that this was ridiculous.  I was so embarrassed when I talked to 911 and apologized to the emergency operator for calling for such a small thing.  She was cool about it though.

I mean look at the ‘damage’ to my car, did we need the police????

Just a Little Paint

I wasn’t even going to file a claim because of what little damage there was. I just wanted to cover my backside in writing just in case she comes back saying she had whip lash or said I left the scene of an accident.

So while waiting for the police I called the school so they would know that a police officer would be pulling into their parking lot.  I get my information out and call The Husband.   He was going to come help me sort things out but when he dressed Baby Boy and put him in the car seat his finger started to bleed so I was all on my own.

The officer showed up and asked if anyone was hurt.  Nope.  OK, what happened?  I told him that we were in line, lady hit me.  Rude lady interrupted me saying I had hit the brakes (I rolled eyes and bit my tongue).  Officer told her to wait.  I then asked to tell him my version and then she could tell him.  He was incredulous when he found out that SHE wanted the police involved.  The officer and I walked away and I told him the story.  He then told me to wait.

He went to the lady and she told him the story but wait there is more.  She told the officer that I had said mean things to her.  WHAT!!! I took deep breathes.  I told the officer that I know he doesn’t care because it all happened on private property and he isn’t even supposed to be involved but I did NOT say anything mean to her, “just for the record”.  He nodded while I took deep cleansing breaths.  He than gave me total validation when he told me that he told Lady that it was obviously the license plate not the corner of her bumper that did the damage.

So with the help of friendly police officer we exchanged information.  He verified that it was valid and legible.  She had to rewrite her last name, hehe.  I apologized to him for the waste of time and left.

The Husband and I talked and figured it wasn’t really worth the work to get the car fixed.  So I fed Baby Boy and The Husband and went over to see Neighbor Mom and tell her my story. She agreed with me that the lady was a bit over the top.

The ironic thing is while I was gone the Lady’s insurance called.  They took full liability and we are taking  the car in Wednesday for an adjuster to look at it and cut a check.  I would be surprised if it was more than $50. 

So,  the whole accident, not exchanging information, police intervention, exchanging information took 45 mins.  The insurance adjuster is going to take about 30 mins plus drive time.  So the lady who wasn’t paying attention has managed to suck almost two hours from my life.  I’m not going  to take into account  how many times I will be retelling this story over the next 48 hours. 😉  

*edit publishing I had the car adjusted today and the repairs were a lot more then I thought. $240 and $25 for a rental.  Mostly in labor costs.  Who knew?

August 11, 2006

Down With The Thesaurus

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OK, I have a pretty good vocabulary and the very least I still know how to use context clues to discern the meaning of a word.  I’m reading tonight and this word pops up a couple of times.  I had no clue what the heck the author was trying to come across with the word.  The word was percipience.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it means perception.  Me thinks this author has his thesaurus out and is messing with my head.  It’s all about the conspiracy.

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